Clean Water for Haiti

Clean Water for Haiti (CWH) is a volunteer run, faith based missions and humanitarian aide organization  registered non-profit organization in Canada and the US, CWH works to provide sustainable solutions to the water crisis in Haiti. 

The CWH Biosand filter project provides a simple, effective, and affordable solution to the lack of clean water.  The household slow sand Biosand filter is a simple design that uses readily available materials, has easy production, and transportation. With minimal maintenance a Biosand filter can work effectively for over 20 years and can be manufactured, delivered and installed for about $40 US.

Several times each year, they have Technician Training classes for other organizations to start their Biosand filter project. Students learn about water contamination, water treatment, how to build, install and maintain the filters, and the necessary tools to provide good user education.

Executive Director: Chris Rolling -
Haiti Base: 509-2547-3210 ( Pierre Payen, Haiti )
Cell phone: 509-3718-8019