Accomplishments & Opportunities

In 2000, The Haiti Connection organized to build educational and medical coalitions and received our 501c3 determination as a tax-exempt charity. Since then, we have grown into a global network of resources that helps build coalitions and collaborative projects.

The Haiti Connection’s main projects are research and evaluation of information for the web site’s Directory, a WASH program for clean, safe water to drink; medical care and nutrition for malnourished children; computer and science projects for schools. We establish communication networks through the Connection’s website, in meetings and at global conferences. Join us.


The Haiti Connection helped associates immunize 34,000 children. People in our networks provided urgent medical referrals for ill or injured children. Volunteers collected 500 books for libraries and over 120 computers we put in schools. Friends, Rotary clubs, and churches provided funds for us to purchase peanut butter and milk in Haiti; Medical teams then distribute these resources to the parents and grandparents of malnourished children. We do extensive research and evaluate information included in the website’s lists of Resources to provide reliable and trust worthy resources.Grants provided funds for a Haitian company to dig a deep well at a new, innovative high school. After the earthquake, corporations and hospitals donated over $400,000 of surgical supplies to The Haiti Connection , then the Rotary International flew the supplies to our medical associates in Haiti. The United States Department of Human Resources used our extensive list of clinics and hospitals to establish the UN’s Cluster. Individuals, churches and clubs donated over 3,000 pairs of reading glasses and needed supplies. Friends and associates save lives by providing opportunities, offering encouragement, and giving hope to each another. Through this prayers are answered.

Building Foundations for the Future


We recognize that safe water, good nutrition, and medical care are necessary for children to attend school, receive a good education, and have opportunities for a productive, sustainable life.

Donors can designate funds to our Safe Water Project for children and their families or to the Peanut Butter / Vitamin Nutrition Project. Individuals or groups can collect vitamins and violins, books in French, school supplies, CDs from Nature and National Geographic, footballs with pumps and extra stems.

Pray, teach, learn, enjoy music and art with new friends.

Join The Haiti Connection to teach and learn.

Teach art, biology, chess, ESL, land and marine ecology.

Repair wells and roofs, fix computers and medical equipment.

Learn about different techniques to teach, learn, heal, and build.

Contribute funds for a science lab or for our portable Science - Art in a Box.

Donate funds for soap, peanut butter, software, the website and safe water projects.

Work on the Water-Sanitation Education Project where we teach WASH techniques to children and their families about handwashing then how to purify contaminated water for their homes.

Visit churches, tour universities, museums, national parks, and marine sanctuaries.

Collaborate with our associates in Haiti, and from other countries.

Become friends who laugh, sing, and worship together.

Contribute your time, talents, and finances. Please join us.

We appreciate your encouragement, support, and contributions. Thank you.

Please contact us for additional information.

You can print the following form to mail your donation.

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The Haiti Connection is incorporated in North Carolina and is a 501c3 non-profit.

"Financial information about this organization and a copy of its license are available from the State Solicitation Licensing Branch at (919) 814-5400. The license is not an endorsement by the State."